About us

Based in Sanyang, our exclusive quad bike excursions provide tourists with a view of hidden landscapes and deserted beaches, creating a refreshing day out to add to your Gambian experience! Our bikes are fully automatic and easy to operate making them suitable for both young and mature riders. To end the excursion, feast on a delicious buffet lunch before taking a dip in the pool and enjoying the rest of the facilities. 


Taking part in one of our excursions will be a highly memorable experience, making it an ideal gift or surprise for any celebratory occasion. We cater for singles, couples, families or other group type bookings of which we can alter the excursion to suit your particular needs. Whether you’re planning a surprise for a loved one, arranging a team-building exercise for employees or even providing a corporate or business gift, you will not be disappointed!

Our Story

After visiting The Gambia in 2011, I saw the potential this beautiful, yet humble, piece of land had to offer. With its warm climate and just as warm people I fell in love with the country and wanted to spend more and more time here and perhaps one day set up home.


Having no intention of doing any business, I have

been using quad bikes here since 2014, for shopping and recreational purposes. 

in 2017 I was informed by a local man of a deserted mining area that stretches out for miles and that it would be a ideal location for riding the bikes. 


Mentally I was not prepared for what I encountered, when entering this area for the first time, I could not believe such landscapes and water features existed right under my nose. 

I must admit my first instinct was to keep this to myself, however such beauty and such diversity has to be shown and made available to others to see and enjoy: to expose a side of Gambia one could never imagine or would ever believe existed. 

This is truly a unique and remarkable Gambia experience. 


Hence the establishment of Jatta Easy Quad Excursion in 2018.