Arriving at the JEQ base you will first be offered refreshments which is available at all times during your stay.
Then a quick tour of our surroundings and facilities before being briefed about our terms and conditions and the signing of a waiver liability form.
Once all the paper work is completed you will be allocated a bike and instructed on its use and safe handling (the bikes are fully automatic and easy to operate). When everyone feels happy with the use of the machines we will begin the excursion. 
The routes taken for the excursion is completely off road and based around abandoned sand mining areas. This is ideal for quad biking but it also has special features and attractions which are unique but rarely seen due to the isolated locations.
The round trip takes approximately 1 hour 30 minutes to complete, after 1 hour of biking we stop for a short break (refreshments are also provided on the tour).
Upon returning to base you can dust down and freshen up. You may chill for as long as you wish in our pleasant surroundings (including pool & sunbeds + free Wifi) before your departure.
The cost of the excursion is GMD3000 pp.
*A delicious Lunch Buffet meal can be provided on request for an additional GMD300 pp.*


Safety is of utmost importance to us, therefore we insist on the wearing of safety helmets which we provide as well as dust masks.
We also insist on the wearing of adequate boots, shoes or trainers.
We advise you to wear long sleeve shirts and trousers. Feel free to bring along a change of clothing as you will get dirty and possibly wet.




We currently take direct bookings, just drop us a email through our contact page and we will get in touch as soon as possible.
We also offer personalised quotes for groups and families.
Please note that bookings through tour operators may have slight variations in the itinerary.
We also offer a Gold Excursion, from Sanyang up to Gunjur (Kenye Kenye Jammeh Mosque). The ride is approximately 2 hours.
Due to the ride being more challenging and enduring, it is only offered to those who have either previously rode with Us or you are an already seasoned rider.
The cost of this excursion is GMD4000 pp.